Alexander Stafford

Candidate for Rother Valley

Alexander is delighted to be the Conservative candidate for Rother
Valley, an area he has close ties with - he has family from Dinnington
and has a strong steel and coal heritage through both his mother and
father-in-law. He is passionate about Rother Valley, its communities,
and its rich heritage. Alexander has always been a strong and vocal
campaigner for leaving the EU. He is determined to respect the result
of the referendum and get Brexit done so that he can focus his time on
the other issues that matter to the people of Rother Valley. From
funding the NHS to cutting crime, improving local schools and
supporting local businesses, Alexander is committed to unlocking the
huge potential of Rother Valley and bolstering the lives of residents,
from children to pensioners.

Alexander currently works in the energy industry, focusing on
sustainability and the future of mobility, and has previously worked
for the WWF on international environmental issues. He lives with his
wife Natalie and they are delighted to be expecting their first child
next year.