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Getting involved

There are countless ways you can help the Rotherham Conservatives, some of which are outlined below. If you wish to get more involved in supporting your local Conservative team, ring or e-mail our office for more information. In addition to visible campaigning activity we are always seeking support from those who are able to assist with a variety of administrative work and/or supporting our digital and social media marketing.

Social Events

As a member of the local Conservative Party, you will be notified of the many social functions held throughout the year. These include lunches, dinners, trips and tours, quizzes, BBQs and much more. A list of upcoming Social Events can be found. 

Leaflet Delivery and Canvassing

We have a programme of door-to-door canvassing and leaflet delivery across the district. You could simply volunteer to deliver leaflets to your road or further afield, either on a regular basis or during election campaigns. You can deliver as many or as few as you wish. We will not press you to do more than you are able to. Our aim is to have a large number of volunteers, each delivering a small number of leaflets. You don't have to be a member to help deliver leaflets, your local Conservatives are grateful for any help you can give. We would also welcome the support of those who are able to display boards and/or posters during election campaigns.


Become a member

The minimum annual subscription is £25 (£5 if you are 25 years old or younger and £10.00 for members of the Armed Services).

For information about joining the Rotherham Conservatives, get in touch on


We are reliant on the support of individual donors like you to get our messages out. Any money you donate will be used to help run the Federation and campaign for Conservative candidates in Council, Mayoral and General elections. 

To donate online simply click the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of this page or alternatively contact us.