Have Your Say with our new survey!

Tell us what you think of Rotherham and your local area with our new survey!

Our new survey for the second half of 2019 includes more localised questions on the Town Centre, something which is always a point of discussion when we talk to members of the public whether they live in Rawmarsh, Whiston or Wales.

You can also tell us what issues you want us to prioritise both on a local and national level in this survey!

Fill out the survey now and share it with your friends!

New Rotherham Survey

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How would you rate the standard of roads in your area?
Which THREE of these local issues do you think should be prioritised?
Do you ever travel to Rotherham Town Centre and if you do, how much do you go?
If you don't ever go to Rotherham Town Centre or only go rarely, why is that?