Rotherham Bus Services Celebrate Centenary


Dear South Yorkshire Transport (Rotherham),

We are writing to congratulate and celebrate 100 years of bus services in our town. Most citizens at some point in their lives, or for the majority of their lives use public transport. We all know that the bus services in our borough are extremely important and relied upon by so many people. Whether that is to get to school, to work or even for a shopping trip in Parkgate, we all value and appreciate the bus services.


Rotherham Interchange has undergone so many changes in the past ten years, as has our bus service. South Yorkshire Transport and their staff have played a massive role in making sure that our bus station is of the highest standard, clean and a pleasant experience for those who regularly use it.


The diverse range of bus companies that occupy our bus station ensure that the commerce continues to thrive with healthy competition between different bus companies which is always welcome news.


We are sure that everyone who uses this very important public service will pay tribute to it and congratulate it on a phenomenal centenary anniversary. Well done to the SYT staff, our bus drivers and all other staff who contribute to making Rotherham Interchange the success that it is today.




Kindest regards,