Rotherham Conservatives Support Chuckle Square!

We are disappointed to see that Rotherham Council's Overview and Scrutiny Management Board have voted against naming the area outside Boots 'Chuckle Square' in dedication to the Chuckle Brothers and the recently passed Barry Chuckle.

The Chuckle Brothers were proud sons of Rotherham and wherever they went, whether it be the stage or TV, they were never afraid to show off their Rotherham roots and make it the forefront of their act. For many budding entertainers in the region, they proved you could have a South Yorkshire accent and still make it.

Listening to the campaign by the Rotherham Advertiser and their 700 strong petition should have been the easiest decision by Rotherham Council. Naming the square after the Masbrough-born Chuckle Brothers, a pair that helped put Rotherham on the map, would have been a fitting tribute to a pair that gave so much to this town. Bafflingly though, they rejected this motion despite the fact it would have been a feel-good story for the town.

Sadly, no Rotherham Conservatives sit on that board, but if we had, we would have voted in favour of the Advertiser's campaign. This would have honoured two home-grown comedians who have brought so much happiness and laughter to children and adults throughout both of their careers.